World interRAI Conference

We bring together policy, practice and research from all over the globe, to share experiences of developing, implementing and using the interRAI suite of instruments in different care sectors. The aim is to improve care for people in home care, residential care, mental health care, rehabilitation services, palliative care, assisted living, primary or acute care. interRAI instruments are evidence-based electronic instruments that capture a person’s assessment information in order to support care planning, care delivery, quality improvement, health system management and policy development.

The first World interRAI Conference was organised in Toronto, Canada in 2016 by dr. John Hirdes from the University of Waterloo. Over 600 people from all over the world participated.

LUCAS KU Leuven (Belgium) will host the second World Conference. There are two important reasons why the World interRAI Conference comes to Leuven. First, Belgium is implementing the interRAI Suite of instruments nationwide as BelRAI ( Belgian researchers, practitioners and policy makers can both inform other countries on the implementation process, and learn from their experiences. Second, LUCAS KU Leuven celebrates its 30th anniversary and the Conference is the culmination of a celebratory year. LUCAS has scientifically supported the development and implementation of BelRAI from the start on.

The second World interRAI Conference will offer keynote talks, symposia, presentations and poster sessions on research on and with the interRAI instruments, use of the instruments in daily practice, implementation of interRAI systems, and evidence-based policy.

The Conference will be held at the Medical Faculty in the University Hospital UZ Leuven. The hospital can easily be reached from the city centre, either on foot or by public transportation.


Van maandag 3 februari 2020 - 09:00 tot woensdag 5 februari 2020 - 17:00